A remarkable farm  harvest table  starts with remarkable raw material. I personally hand build each table  in my country shop with my father. My rustic  boards  ( with original circular saw markings ) come from century old pioneer barns and mills  from all over  Vermont, New York, Ontario and Quebec. This type of wood is becoming rare and very hard to find.  I partner with demolitionist to acquire this worn and heavily distressed wood in order to build  all my  tables. These unique reclaimed weathered boards are rich in history,  colour, grain pattern, and character.

Some of  the other parts of my tables  are constructed using grainery boards (on the interior of the barn), barn beams  and 4" x 4" wind braces (small beams that support the big timber) as they also possess original distressing (no re-sawing of original faces).I also use reclaimed antique square head nails and barn beam wood pins  on table tops and joinery.

The softwood we use (pine & hemlock) has a lot tighter grain than most new softwood, and is comparable in durability to hardwood once  my secret natural  finish has been applied. I use pine and hemlock as it has more appealing marks and colour. The lightness of the wood also makes for a lot easier moving.  Each table is unique piece of art. You will own an original that no one else will ever have.My shop and showroom is centrally located in between Ottawa and Montreal ( only 50 minutes from either city)  near the historic village of Alexandria.